The Science Of Numerology

PopeNumerology is the belief that numbers are mystically connected to various events in our lives. It also studies the numerical value of letters in various words such as names and places.

For instance, you can find out your destiny in life by calculating the number corresponding to your name. Each letter is assigned a figure, the figures in the sum are added once more, until you obtain one number that represents your personality, your destiny and your faith.

You can find the meaning of each number either online, on various divination and numerology websites or in specialty books. Your birth date can also be reduced to one single digit number that represents your character.

Some people guide their most important decisions in life by the principles of numerology. Most often than not, they also believe in astrology and in various divination forms, so they usually spend a small fortune on finding out what the destiny has in store for them. They always try to determine their compatibility with potential life partners by calculating their representative numbers, and by studying their characteristics.

Although there isn’t any hard evidence for such relationships between numbers and random events occurring during our lifetime, many people study history and try to discover such connections. Some of them invest a lot of effort in writing books that explain these theories in detail.

You can find enough free information online to calculate your personal number. What you do with it once you know it, depends on how inclined you are to believe in occult forces that rule our world and guide our destiny.

If you believe each of us have our own predestined path, assigned to us by a superior force, you risk to ruin your life by not taking action in the most important moments. Nonetheless, if you aren’t a fatalist, you can use numerology to your advantage.

You can consult the meaning of various dates and names, and use this information to make yourself an idea about people you come into contact with. You can choose to start a very important project on a date that’s supposedly lucky for individuals born under your number. This isn’t going to do you any harm for as long as you don’t get paralyzed with fear of acting outside your lucky days.

You may also find lots of websites that provide various numerology related services. Some of them are free to use, but others require you to pay a small fee, in order to obtain your personal report on your future and on your course of life.

Trying out such services can’t possibly harm you, provided that you pass everything you find out through the filter of your own thinking. Keeping a lucid mind can help you enjoy numerology, astrology and other so called pseudo-sciences.

A little dreaming does not hurt anyone, so allow yourself to be less skeptic every once in a while. Numerology can be fun, and its study can actually make a very interesting hobby or personal passion.